The Montclair Neighborhood Council was founded in 2003 by citizens of the Montclair neighborhood, in Oakland, CA. In 2005, the city of Oakland formally recognized the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council (MSIC), now The Montclair Neighborhood Council along with over 50 other similar neighborhood councils throughout Oakland as part of City Resolution 79235

Each council is largely defined by police districts and composed of volunteers who live in the area (Montclair is police beat 13Z). The Montclair Neighborhood Council was founded to act as a liaison and work with community residents, organizations, police officers, and city officials to prevent, identify, and resolve problems our community. 


The Montclair Neighborhood Councils meets on the 1st Thursday of Every month. You can add our events to your Calendar on the Calendar page. Meeting notes are found on our Blog. Our meetings typically have our Oakland Police Community Resource Officer provide updates of crime activity in our area. Guest speakers present special projects or initiatives and the Council reviews beautification and safety projects with the community. Everyone in the community is highly encouraged to attend and bring issues or concerns.

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on community involvement to help define priorities, projects and to work on efforts such as crime prevention, neighborhood organization, emergency preparedness, beautification and other ways of making Montclair a safer, more enjoyable place to live. 

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Montclair Neighborhood Council



Steering Committee​

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Montclair Village Association


Emergency: Police, Fire, Medical, Rescue:                              9-1-1

                (cell phone) 510-777-3211


Police Non-Emergency:                                                 510-777-3333

Fire Non-Emergency:                                                     510-238-4000

Abandoned Autos:

       (public property)  510-238-6030

     (private property)  510-238-6040

Blight, Illegal Dumping, Graffiti:                                 510-615-5566

City Council District 4:                                                   510-238-7004

Domestic Violence Help                                                510-536-7233

Emergency Preparedness Training (CORE):              510-238-6351

Highway Litter, Maintenance:                                    510-286-4444

Mayor:                                                                                510-238-3141

Mail Theft:                                                                         877-876-2455

Montclair Village Business:                                          510-339-1000

Mosquito Abatemment:                                                510-783-7744

Neighborhood Watch/Home Alert:                            510-238-3091

Noise:                                                                                 510-777-3333

Parking Enforcement:                                                    510-238-3099

Power Outage (PG&E):                                                   800-743-5002

Pothole Repair:                                                                510-615-5566

Recycle/Garbage Hotline:                                             510-238-7283

Storm Drains:                                                                   510-615-5566

Tree Problems: 

                                      Obstructions (public property) 510-615-5566

                           Wildfire Prevention (public property) 510-238-3851


Children's Hospital Oakland

Main Hospital  


Highland Hospital

Main Hospital  



1st Thursday of Every Month


Montclair Presbyterian 

5701 Thornhill Drive

Oakland, CA 94611, USA


General Information

Steering Committee Chair, Carolyn Winters

Nominations Chair, Jim Clardy

Crime Prevention Chair

Emergency Preparedness Chair

Montclair Organized Neighborhoods Chair

Montclair Neighborhood Council Webmaster



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